1. Registering Your Company:
In the homepage, click on the "Register My Company" link. The membership agreement page appears. If you accept the membership agreement, then click on the "I Agree " button at the end of the page (The application to enter your company's details can only be accessed after you click on the "I Agree" button). Start entering your company's information and click on the "Register My Company" button.

2. Members Log-In:
In the 'HOME' page, type in your ECpages ID and your Password. Click on the 'Members Log-In' button. Your Password is case-sensitive (capital letters, small letters, and numbers). Any capital letter used initially for your password must be typed in the same manner as in your membership application. To make sure you logged-in correctly, check the 'My Options' in the top menu bar. If the buttons 'View Your Messages' and 'Add/Edit Your Membership Information' are visible, then your log-in is successful.

3. Editing Your Membership Information:

In the 'My Options' page, click on 'Add/Edit Your Membership Information' button. Your membership form appears. Start changing the information about your company.

4. Searching For Companies
In any page, click on 'Search' in the top menu bar. You choose the criteria of your search. If you search by sub-category and you do not find companies listed under that subcategory, click on the 'GO' button to view all companies listed under the main categories. 

5. Sending Messages To Companies:

To send messages to companies, click on the company you are interested in sending a message to. In the company's detail page, click on the 'Send Message' button. A messaging page appears. You type your message and click on the 'Send Message' button. 

6. Replying To Messages:

If you receive a message, you will receive an email notification to check your messages. Log in using your ECpages ID and Password and click on 'My Options'. Click on the 'View Your Messages' button. All your messages are saved in your messages page.  You review your messages and you can reply to each message separately. As soon as the other party replies to your message, you will receive another e-mail notification to inform you of replies to your messages.

7. Viewing Your Messages:
In the 'My Options' page, click on 'View Your Messages' button. Your message page appears with all your messages.

8. Trouble Shooting:
You may experience some difficulties in logging-in with your ECpages ID and Password. This could be related to your browser in accepting cookies. Please enable your browser to accept cookies to log-in successfully.
Sometimes you may experience some difficulties in saving information. This is mainly related to the speed of your Internet connection. Try closing other running programs or re-connect to the Internet. If you still experience problems in saving your information, send us an email with your ECpages ID to