About Us : A Global Business Directory

ECpages LLC, the Electronic Commerce Pages, is a global, regional and local business directory serving both the B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) market sectors. In the age defined by modern business trends, ECpages aims at serving as a sustainable platform for businesses that want to turn global and reach out to more and more customers. It incorporates essential features of an effective global business directory and encourages businesses across the world to participate in its partner program.

ECpages categorizes companies according to internationally accepted industrial codes, the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System developed jointly by the USA, Canada and Mexico) and Harmonized codes. These industrial code classifications make it easier for global buyers and suppliers to locate, communicate and interact with companies listed under relevant, specific categories. ECpages is dedicated to global e-commerce. It provides relevant information of companies and key people within those companies worldwide.

ECpages has teamed up with 1Point Commerce to provide companies with a dynamic, global e-commerce solution that enables companies to promote their products and services and trade globally. It provides options for narrowing your search across verified companies, regions and countries. Through ECpages, one can also search by different types and sub-types of businesses. Typically, a business listed on ECpages is described in terms of country, city, type of business (manufacturer, service, provider, etc.), its NAICS and Harmonized codes. Thus, it makes it absolutely easy for anyone to zero in on the specific company that would be able to address his requirements.

The effectiveness of any directory depends on the number of its representatives. In the case of a global business directory, they must be diversified across geographies as well as business types. With a strong focus on this, ECpages is currently building its global network of representatives. If your company would like to represent ECpages locally, please Click here. This would create a mutually beneficial relationship between ECpages and your business, and help you successfully take your business from local to global, while ECpages enhances its position as a leader in global e-commerce.

The global business directory ECpages along with the online global B2B marketplace 1Point Commerce are the much-needed channels for global marketing and sales that you would need in order to promote and increase your company's sales in today’s highly competitive world markets. Together, they would provide your company with a powerful solution to promote, trade, buy, sell and expand into new markets, and capitalize on and profit from global e-commerce.