ECpages Representative Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in representing ECpages in your local area. Your participation in the ECpages Representative Partner Program would enable us to together reap the benefits of global e-commerce. While we would become the leaders in Global E-Commerce as a major global business directory serving the B2B as well as B2C markets, you would take a major leap from local to global and make your business visible worldwide. The primary aim of ECpages Representative Partner Program is to strengthen our global network of representatives so that ECpages becomes more and more relevant as a dependable global B2B directory. Representatives have a protected territory and we share revenues with our representatives.

Our representatives have extensive knowledge of local markets. Their expertise stems from many years of interacting with local companies. Moreover, they do also possess strong knowledge of all relevant trade regulations and procedures pertaining to their local governments. This has a major significance in Global E-Commerce because government regulations and policies help businesses evaluate the ease with which they can conduct business transactions with their counterparts from other countries. As a matter of fact, global businesses must always update themselves with each and every trade policy and regulation, and also necessary documentation procedures ahead of entering into a contract with another business. The ECpages Representative Partner Program is designed in such a way that there is no room for inefficiency and mistakes.

All of our representatives (1Point Commerce and ECpages) abide by the extensive Code of Ethics mandated by 1Point Commerce. By accepting to abide by this code, all our representatives ensure that they maintain high standards in terms of services, transparency, and authenticity. This means that a member of our representative network does not offer its products and services without having relevant knowledge and experience that should pertain to them. ECpages Representative Partner Program strives to incorporate the importance of integrity and ethical conduct at every stage of business transactions. ECpages promotes fair trade among global businesses and makes sure that none of the parties succumb to unfair or illegal business practices.

It is, thus, vital to note that ECpages is not just another global business directory that gives you endless lists of businesses without promising their quality and authenticity. It is rather a highly dependable B2B directory that lists only authentic businesses with proper legal entities, after adhering them to its expansive Code of Ethics. These would help establish trust and infuse morality in the global business scenario.

To join ECpages Local Representatives' Network, please click on the link below. Be a Representative in Your Area