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China YuXuan Extruder Screen Co., Ltd.

No. 118 Dong Fang Hong Road,Dezhou City





Gary Bill


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Welcome to YuXuan! Extruder screen types are mainly mesh discs, leaf filters, spot welded mesh packs, rim or framed packs, cylinders or tube filters. It is made by wire mesh cloth processed into single layer or multi-layer pieces with optional frames. Metal Mesh Extruder Screen Filter is applied to provide a clean and clear melt filtration for plastic and rubber processing machinery. Filter Media commonly used are Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Woven or Sintered. The wire cloth is cut or punched into pieces or discs first, then compressed with multi-layers into screen packs and other forms. In plastic extrusion, stainless steel extruder screen is designed for PP, PE and other plastic hot-melt extruding processes. The fine mesh Dutch Weave Wire Cloth Layer together with a Plain Weave Square Mesh support layer forms screen packs are used for preventing impurities in fine extrusion. It is effect to keeps away mixing of foreign particles in finally equipped extrusion product. Featured Mesh Screen and Filter Strainers, Processed from Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Cloth SUS302, 304, 304L, 316 and 316L: Spot Welded Circle or Round Disc Extruder Screens, to be placed into extruder head Cylinder Extruder Screen for Thermoplastic polymers Leaf Filters Multilayer Woven Wire Mesh Extruder Screen Packs of Dutch Weave Wire Cloth Plus Plain Weave Support Filter Mesh SS Wire Mesh Filter Disks, with thin frame or rims Dutch Reverse Weave Mesh Continuous Filter Belts Pleated Candle Filters Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Strainers

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