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KSC Inc.

2620 Willowbrook RD




United States


Brennan Knott

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KSC, Inc. is a leader in specialty architectural metal fabrication. Today, new technologies make it possible for architects to conceive of buildings unlike any they’ve ever designed. Contractors arrive on site with more tools than ever at their disposal. Building owners proudly take delivery on structures that are able to mimic the world around them. And KSC is right there, from start to finish, working with each partner to achieve our common goal: a design that works, construction that’s timely and efficient, and a finished product that’s not only sustainable, but which also communicates an essential element of the owner’s brand. In order to do this, what we bring to every project has to be more than the products and services described on these pages. Instead, it’s an intangible: a collaborative view of the building process, a holistic perspective embodied in a team with a diverse set of skills; individuals intent on delivering a project that exceeds every expectation, with solutions that are outside the norm.

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